Custom Costume Design

Create a mood. Tell a story. Captivate the crowd.

We share your passion for performance. Let us help you bring excitement to the field and set your team apart by collaborating with you to create your own imaginative costume design.

Share your ideas with us:

  • Provide reference images, a color palette, details, show theme, mood and the number of performers.
  • Our designer works with you to produce a design that captures your vision.
  • Each custom design may take up to 14 weeks for completion.
  • Changes and multiple revisions could potentially add two weeks to your timeline.
  • Our team begins when we receive your $250 deposit along with all of your info.

Or submit a design of your own:

  • We do not copy designs from catalogs or drawings from other companies.
  • All information must be included with the design including special details, notes and materials.
  • We will replicate a design as drawn using our manufacturing techniques.

Request a prototype:

  • Prototypes for custom designs and customized website must be requested immediately and will add to the timeline.
  • The cost for prototypes will be provided with your design and invoiced at the time of design approval.

Custom prints:

  • Provide the information for your custom print at the time of your request.
  • Timeline for custom prints is 15 to 18 weeks.
Minimum Base Pricing

A minimum of 9 identical costumes (design and materials) is required for each order.

We will accept orders for less than 9; however there will be an additional fee. See the pricing chart below.

Different costumes in a group must have at least 9 people in the same costume style and materials.

Five (5) different costumes in an order will extend your delivery timeline.

Minimum order pricing will also apply to post-production add-ons, including REPEAT Parade/Spirit orders.

Base Pricing - Design Variations, Multiple Styles & 8 or Less
No. of Performers Base Price
8 Base Price + $10 per costume
7 Base Price + $20 per costume
6 Base Price + $30 per costume
5 Base Price + $40 per costume
4 Base Price + $50 per costume
3 Base Price + $60 per costume
2 Base Price + $70 per costume
1 Base Price + $80 per costume